XEC Ltd (X-flow Engine Components Limited)

XEC Ltd (X-Flow Engine Components Limited) majors in Energy, Initative and Enterprise. Three facets of 1) X-flow Falcon six cylinder Parts, 2) Civil Engineering Inspections, and 3) Consulting (Auditing) for Construction, Earthworks and Quality Assurance provide the funds. The X-flow parts facet includes 4-cylinder OHV Kent, Endura, 2300 and 2500 HSC engines, as well as traditional 1959 to 1984 US 144/170/200/250 six cylinder inline and 1962-1996 Argentine 144/170/187/188/221 six cylinder inline and 1960-1976 Australian 144/170/188/200/221/250 non cross flow in line sixes, 250 2V non crossflow and 1976 to 1992 3.3 and 4.1 sixes.

We offer a range of automotive Engineering, Consulting, and Component services to suit a variety of budgets and technical requirements. Our most popular products are shown below.

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Complete OHV Falcon Log Head Performance Engines

XEC Ltd ICBE's Inter Continental Ballistic Engines


4-bbl Holley 248 HP 3.3L/200 I-6 or 310 HP 4.1L/250 I-6


(M112 & MCU 4bbl) or


(GT3582 & MCU 4bbl)

With 340 HP as a 3.3L/200 I-6

or 425 HP as a 4.1L/250 I-6

These are traditional Aussie Ford OHV engine blocks with Solid Roller cam conversion, non cross flow Log heads with bolt on direct mount 500 CFM or 700 CFM Holley 4bbl carburettor, EDIS ignition, and Micro Computer Unit fuel and ignition control.

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