XEC Ltd (X-flow Engine Components Limited)

XEC Ltd (X-Flow Engine Components Limited) majors in Energy, Initative and Enterprise. Three facets of 1) X-flow Falcon six cylinder Parts, 2) Civil Engineering Inspections, and 3) Consulting (Auditing) for Construction, Earthworks and Quality Assurance provide the funds. The X-flow parts facet includes 4-cylinder OHV Kent, Endura, 2300 and 2500 HSC engines, as well as traditional 1959 to 1984 US 144/170/200/250 six cylinder inline and 1962-1996 Argentine 144/170/187/188/221 six cylinder inline and 1960-1976 Australian 144/170/188/200/221/250 non cross flow in line sixes, 250 2V non crossflow and 1976 to 1992 3.3 and 4.1 sixes.

About Us

I am a 45 year old who has over 28 years experience in roading, civil and component measurement and engineering, starting off as a Land Survey Technician working with Subdivision work in the South Islands' Crown Range, then progressing to Earth Dam contruction, Laboratory and Field Quality Assurance, SCRIM, Retroreflectivty, Road Asset Maintenance and State Highway Inspections and Engine and electronic system building.

Our team is myself, Dean Stevenson, my beloved wife Sheryl and, in its infancy, my son Ashley.

On occasion, contracted staff for the times when things get even more frantic...

Our company suspended road roughness Testing and Operational Performance Measurement as of October 1 2015. We now do only engine related Engineering, Consulting, and Component Supply for Ford In line six cylinder Falcon engines

We are an e-commerce business, with a bricks and morter location in quiet residential Dunedin, were we seldom reside...we are always out giving a car, engine or control system a really good compliance test.

You can contact us:-

via mail at

PO Box 7072,

Dunedin, 9011

South Island


or call via cell phone on +64 27 722 5623 or 027 722 5623

Email me, Dean Stevenson on [email protected]

Our Hours of work are :

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed