XEC Ltd (X-flow Engine Components Limited)

XEC Ltd (X-Flow Engine Components Limited) majors in Energy, Initative and Enterprise. Three facets of 1) X-flow Falcon six cylinder Parts, 2) Civil Engineering Inspections, and 3) Consulting (Auditing) for Construction, Earthworks and Quality Assurance provide the funds. The X-flow parts facet includes 4-cylinder OHV Kent, Endura, 2300 and 2500 HSC engines, as well as traditional 1959 to 1984 US 144/170/200/250 six cylinder inline and 1962-1996 Argentine 144/170/187/188/221 six cylinder inline and 1960-1976 Australian 144/170/188/200/221/250 non cross flow in line sixes, 250 2V non crossflow and 1976 to 1992 3.3 and 4.1 sixes.

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